Gibraltar, the most famous landmark at the entrance to the beautiful Mediterranean Sea.

Visit the "Rock of Gibraltar" where you will find a destination with diversity, sights, sunny weather in an area of more than 6 square kilometres.

The rock at the top is older than the rock below it and which is formed from layer upon layer of marine sediment and crustacean shells. Inside the Rock are more than 130 caves where ancient people protected themselves from the elements.

A well-known Gibraltar attraction and not for the faint hearted! Located on a former military lookout, the glass platform juts out from the edge of the cliff above the Jurassic dune below and offers views of the Mediterranean Sea.

You'll also find another Gibraltar attraction, the typical Barbary macaques, roaming freely by your side.

If you're looking for excitement and a great photo opportunity, visit the spectacular Windsor Suspension Bridge, located just above the Apes Den on the Royal Anglican Way and 70 metres long.

Explore the amazing natural phenomenon that is St Michael's Stalagmite Cave in all its glory.

Another attraction not to forget to visit is the Moorish Castle. This 'tower of tribute' was rebuilt in the 14th century by Abu-l-Hasan and today you can visit the interior of the recently restored castle.

Also, see where Churchill and Eisenhower sat during the thoughtful and planned Operation Torch on a tour that is available daily, lasts about an hour, and you'll be able to see the sites where Eisenhower and Churchill worked during the planning of the 1941 invasion of North Africa. You'll enter the tunnels on Hay's Level just outside Moorish Castle.