Setenil, named after the once thriving wineries - bodegas is unique among the white villages of Andalusia, pueblos blancos.

Where most pueblos blancos were built on protective cliffs and peaks, this town grew out of a network of caves in the cliffs above the rio Trejo northwest of Ronda. Its dazzling white houses emerge from the cliffs, and some have rock roofs and even olive groves on their roofs.

As well as the whitewashed houses, you can see archaeological sites, castles, churches and unforgettable mountain scenery.


Setenil has also gained a reputation for its meat products, particularly chorizo, sausage and cerdo, pork from pigs reared in the surrounding hills. As well as meat, it has a reputation for producing fine pastels and pastries, and its bars and restaurants are among the best in the region, which are particularly popular at weekend lunchtimes when there's a lively atmosphere, including motorbikes.

As well as the ruins of a Moorish castle, there's the nearby Encarnación church and a multi-level maze of steep, narrow streets. The tourist centre is also housed in a medieval building with a beautifully patterned Moorish wooden ceiling.